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What's New At the Look Boutique vbeaute

Introducing vbeaute at Herald Square Look Boutique…

·       Vbeaute is free of the common allergens; paraben free, fragrance free, gluten free, nut free, oat free.
·       Not tested on animals
·       Dermatologist tested
·       Prevent premature aging before it has the chance to happen; put time control in your control

Businesswoman, fashion muse, lady-about-town, wife and mother – Julie Macklowe appeared to have it all; unfortunately she also had very sensitive skin and a discerningly hard to please eye.

The entire vbeauté range is paraben free, fragrance free, gluten free, nut free, and oat free.

Despite a high-powered career in finance that afforded her access to the world’s most luxurious skincare products, Julie Macklowe found herself fruitlessly searching for ones that could at once feel great, look great, and meet her multitasking and sensitive skin needs. So, after a TSA mishap, she decided to venture out and create her own.

 It all started back in 2010 when Macklowe was heading to Europe for a girlfriend’s wedding and, like any confident, skincare obsessed beauty maven, she packed a truckload of products in her cosmetic pouches not thinking twice about the possibility that airport security would take issue with her many lotions and potions. Not only were all of her products confiscated due to TSA size restrictions, but when she landed in France the new skincare regimen she bought left her covered in lumps and bumps.

 Determined to come up with a chic solution for busy women who don’t have the time to meticulously plan out their skincare regimen, Macklowe sketched out what is now the It Kit. Foolproof, it’s designed to house all of the products you need to achieve and maintain healthy skin, while being easy-to-tote and stylish (if we do say so ourselves!).

 Of course it’s never enough for products to look great, they have to function great. With that top of mind vbeaute was developed in partnership with CRB High Performance Lab of Geneva, Switzerland, the world leader in innovative skin treatment. 

 As a result each of the products in this potent range has a powerful botanical technology - Alpine Rose Botanical Technology derived from stem cells of the Alpine Rose plant– at their core. These particular stem cells are often touted as  “longevity botanicals” because they have developed near miraculous anti-aging abilities as they have adapted over centuries to harsh conditions such as cold, UV, and severe dryness in the High Alps. Now, thanks to modern science, our skin can benefit from the plant’s resiliency in an anti-aging capacity. Working on a cellular level these technology smoothies away past damage while effectively preventing future damage.

 All five of the products in vbeauté’s travel friendly It Kit is also available in full-size versions, along with an additional brightening serum, Lite Up.

 V is your victory over time.

Here’s a few of my favorite products:

Eye Never
Eye Never Nourishing Repairs Eye Cream is like an eyelift in a jar!  It immediately smoothers and hydrates the delicate skin around your eyes, while dramatically reducing fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles for firmer younger looking skin.  Plus it functions as a primer under concealer and eye makeup and as a lip conditioner, reducing those lines too!

·       Clinically proven to visible smooth and soften lines in 2 days-it works!
·       Helps stimulate and protect collagen to firm skin and reduce lines and wrinkles
·       Reduces puffiness and lightens dark circles for a younger and brighter eye area
·       Hydrates and soothes leaving skin nourished with a soft velvety texture
·       Functions as primer under concealer and eye makeup, also conditions lips

Why I Have To Have It
vbeaute Eye Never is like an eyelift in a jar, it addresses all cause of aging to prevent, correct and protect your skin for the future and preserve your skin’s youthful appearance.

Buying Time
Buying Time immediately hydrates to control moisture loss, boost collagen to promote suppleness and elasticity to reduce lines and wrinkles for firmer younger looking skin…Plus it is a rich antioxidant that reduces inflammation to calm and soothe skin.

·       Clinically proven to visibly smooth and soften line in 28 days – it works!
·       Moisturizing agents hydrate, bind and restore moisture
·       Boost collagen and prevents it from deteriorating, which reduces lines and wrinkles
·       Promotes suppleness and elasticity for firmer skin
·       Rich antioxidants protect and diminish inflammation and redness form environment
·       Soothes and calms skin

Why I Have To Have It
vbeaute Buying Time addresses all cause of aging by correcting the past and protecting your skin for the future to preserve your skin’s youthful appearance…V is you victory over time.

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